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15th Feb 2012, 11:20 AM


Valentines Day Sex Drive

Well Valentines Day was yesterday. Hello to all my new viewers who came because of the nudey-nudity.

I drew the characters from my old webcomic Punk Rock Apocalypse, becauseno one wantsz to see a nude ferret and a metal-being that never wears clothes anyway.

Heres the list:

Mike Delheim
Prepare to Die
Amy Letts
Epic Fail
Jimmy Misanthrope
Agents of the Endtimes
Tom Szewc
Alone in a Crowd
J. Mackenzie Graham
Eric Drobile
Raven Perez
Raven’s Dojo
Nick Gonzo
Execution Day
Stef Marcinkowski
Sarah Zero
John Peters
Brad Brown and Leslie Ortego
Blaster Nation
Chella Morgan
Nate Hammond
Jazz and Jess
Endless City


31st Jan 2012, 12:24 AM


So here it is...

Execution Day.

My attempt at a long-form graphic novel style web comic.

And I'd like to state at this point that whilst I will attempt to update at least weekly, I don't know if that'll happen. I am a busy man. Not in the, I have lots of champagne dinners to go off to or tonnes of work to finish artistically, but more that I have to slave for the man in order to live. TO LIVE!

But yes. At the moment only the title page exists, so I haven't started bouncing the links about. But if you are reading this, there are probably three pages up. Its just its 23 minutes into tomorrow and I want to go to bed, not be uploading files.

What is Execution day?

Its an epic story line, that is leading up to one even. It has spanned the eons of time, and involves Gods, Immortals and one young boy.

Thats about it. Its surreal, violent, and complex.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Nick Gonzo.